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 Fall Out Boy accepting the Skully award for Artist of the Year

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@connorcarrick : ”Is that the ocean?” -@tom_wilso as we drive along Lake Michigan.

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the-destroia replied to your post: hi im back from canada! the place i st…

do you mind if i edit a couple?!

omg no, i would love it actually! 

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hi im back from canada! the place i stayed at was absolutely beautiful. i could not get over the scenery in nova scotia. so amazing. i took a lot of photos & wanted to share them with you guys. you can see them here on my flickr account. it would mean a whole lot to me if you guys checked them out! 

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5/25 photos of the boston bruins

5/25 photos of the boston bruins

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anonymous asked: dan paille or gregory campbell?

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this or that: Patrice Bergeron or and Brad Marchand

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NHL Regular Season Start 2014/2015 

wow i love nova scotia so much honestly if you haven’t been here you have to visit because its just beautiful scenery and its so peaceful in cape breton and all my family is here and i love it. im leaving tomorrow to go back to new brunswick and i just do not want to leave. this has been the best vacation ever.